BEST@ work

Callers are greeted by a live friendly receptionist with your business name and a greeting of your choice. Calls are
transferred to you wherever you are! If you’re unavailable a message is sent via a pager, phone call, text message, email or voicemail!

How it Works

We issue our customers a toll free number to either advertise or transfer their phone lines. Each account is then customized to meet the clients needs, from the answering phrase until the message is delivered.

Help Desk

Callers are provided information they may need such as driving directions, product information, etc. Operators can also process requests for brochures, catalogues, or other sales information.

24/7 Live Operators

For all your answering needs...
Never miss another call. Let one of our friendly operators answer your customer's calls according to your specifications.


Give us a call your customers will thank you!

TOLL FREE 800.800.8491
P (423)638.4884 F (423)638.8291